Must I wait all my life, or The Misery Song


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This was the first and the last rehearsal session at the summer cabin in Ylämaa, South Carelia in July 2007, to test my new equipment (UA-25 soundcard etc). In an hour and a half I recorded vocals for Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "Love Calls You By Your Name", and this: a flamenco blues composed by Sampsa Heikkilä, after Eli Siegel's poem "Must I Wait All My Life (or, The Misery Song)". I used only solar energy, while recording the song(s). I was actually quite pleased with the result - after all, this was just rehearsal & testing. The sound of music is noisy and very much in old timer style rust-and-scratch. Of course, this was and is not meant to be "public" or to be published in the real sense of the word. It is, to repeat, REHEARSAL NOISE at the summer cabin......

I soon realized that I may not be recording music at all, or even using electricity while performing. And that is how things have been since 2007, more or less. I have been playing and singing (in various places & with all kinds of people), on my old and broken-hearted flagship, Landola Maestro from 1988.
-Antti Filppu

"Baby, I wanna walk in the woods (with a six-string on my back)!"
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released July 30, 2007

Music by Sampsa Heikkilä, lyrics arranged by Antti Filppu, after Eli Siegel's poem Must I Wait All My Life (or, The Misery Song). Vocals and pathetic one man choir by Antti Filppu, know who!!!!



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Track Name: NA - Must I wait all my life, or The Misery Song
Must I wait all my life
for a certain thing to happen? 
Must I spend all my days
just in dozin', just in nappin'? 
Isn't there to be a fire?
Won't some color come? 
Am I blind? have I no luck?
am I just plain dumb, dumb
dumb, darn' dumb, dumb, oh wow 

Must I wait all my life
for a certain person's comin'? 
Will I die, my life gone,
and still a love tune hummin'? 
Is my life to be empty?
Oh, won't some real love come?
Won't some real love come?

Is my life to be just one grey
minute after minute after minute?
Oh God!!!! I could scream!!!!!!
Oh God!!!! I could scream, oh God.
Oh, God......
I could bite, I could cry,
I am a-hell tired of waitin'-
That's right!

When the Lord made me
he did some bum creatin'. 
I listen for a sound
but all I do is listen; 
Now listen:

What other people get seems I'm missin'. 
I am missin' and I am in a deep unhappy ditch,
and miserable, miserable as sin.
Must I wait all my life for life
Must I wait all my life for life
for life just to begin?

Life!! life!!! life!!! life!!! just to begin....
Must I wait all my life for life just to begin?