Pathways & The Flowery March

by The Nameless Thin Young Men

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INTERLUDE: "The Lost Choir"

The Musicians:
Tomi Pekkola / Guitars, Vocals, Bass and Keys
Jussi Matikainen / Drums and Percussion
Antti Filppu / Numbers, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

Recorded at Alfa-Laval and Vehkalahtisali Studios in Vehkalahti by Matikainen / Music in July 1999 while the sun was shining / and vocals during a weekend in mid October 1999, with kebab and Wagnerian angst / Mixed and mastered by Matikainen sometime later / somewhere between the recording sessions and the Spring of 2000 / Pathvvays saw the light of day in October 2000 / Music was composed by Pekkola & TYM / between October 1997 – August 1998, except The Flowery March in February 1999 / The lyrical themes came to see Filppu in November 1997 / Their meetings were held between math exams and homework during the following months / with the exception of Trauermarsch / which came to be heard in February – March 1999 / All we want to say is / the little thing here shows many kinds of paths to walk / and it literally tracks down a certain dead end


Fire's a wound
The Sacred Lance enshrined in admire
I'm always cured, with my red flood
And its grace

Carried to a warlike heaven
I have the will, to me you're a valkyrie
Yes, to me you're a valkyrie
The most beloved

Straight line forms a gateway
I'm drawing down the greatest force
A character doesn't change,
My darling already had her wings
"Half of me is wicked and worthless,
But in the other half the value lieth"

("nû hœre dise âventiure
der getriuwe und der gehiure:"
"Now let honest decent people hear this tale!")
-Wolfram von Eschenbach / Parzival


(For the one my window hides in its view
Write "to remind of a miserable life"
To enlighten me, if my love's real
Or that faith

What's more bitter than the late spring
A shower from the skies and a touch
Yes, time will tell

And when I leave this world
I don't need an inscription

Heavens cry
and will bring forth a stream
Or a river as my veins in that song
To cry again and again
Trying to wash away the pain

Praying on one's knees

Bring salvation for every soul

The air was freezing
And the trees surrounded us
And we stood on the leaves
In an old house
With an empty bookshelf
I could feel its grace,
I could feel its grace

Of course you broke my heart
The way I had written
In my bloody poem
(In early summer, 1995)

I cry again and again
Trying to wash away the pain
On my knees I pray....

For the blood of the blood of Graal
You write and speak like I did
'Cause I don't know
If I can think of anything to say
About a lesson or a teaching
Of any kind

Hoped that with this
Four hundred and eighteen
There'd be a well for me
And for some of you

It's too precious a water
Though just a glimpse,
Though just a glimpse

And the bride's mouth tasted
Like the word it's called by,
But I've always been an oppressive kind of guy
So maybe I lost all youth and tender loving
Afterwards when I gave in wholly
For that other thing and went my way

And I was there
Burying the father of my father
And his face looked like a grey painting
When I put a short note into his coffin
And the picture of him
Trapped in a hospital bed,
Unable to speak or write,
Is there in the last of the songs

I cry again and again
Trying to wash away the pain
On my knees I pray....)


The useless grievance has found its place
From an evening song, the strings are divine

The play sounds unreal
Around a funeral pyre
Scarlet, flecked gold
The source is still there
But I'm afraid to go outside

It's their fault I'm growing hollow

Catch the spheres in motion,
The thousand young calling
"Wrapped in a tension that's wrong kind,
For the tears of our lost one
A wreath of faded flowers"
I know you'd strike me down at once

The worst is shown here,
Everything I wanted
Tragedies to come closer
The spirit and a circle

("ich enruoche um die ungetriuwen."
"I am not concerned with the dishonest...")
-Wolfram von Eschenbach / Parzival


(Brunhild in a love story
You romanticized the depths of this one
Draw down the silver chariot from the sky
And here's enough of the depressive season
Who named the crown that fell,
Who named the crown that fell
For the sceneries filled with idols
"I don't like the way you look at me"
It's still written there
Hell, the space is no more
The candles are now ablaze
But wait for a while
What do you think,
Were we supposed to make it this time
Yes, blacken little hearts
But I'll hold on to her gifts
The arrow and the lance

After all it was more than a half-truth
When you said you still believe
In what's feeling right

The rise of an extinguished art
Love changed shape
And higher, higher dreams have come to us
In the words of a dead knight
I'm not present
For molten candles and the full moon
The burden was taken away
A moment ago the flames reminded me of something

The world tries to stop me
And here's enough for many a nightly breath
I'll get rid of these worthless pieces of paper,
Destroy the memoried self
My ears are killing me
Mordant wrath too is a fine shelter
To set the letters aright
Full insanity for that earth
And damn that misanthropy

Psyche and the jealous girls
Don't be afraid of the mirror,
I never stopped laughing
And I know you're frustrated
But how beautiful she is
And even more when she's in love
"We're blind upstairs to find the path"
Not a sound for her

To live through a mist [...]
Watch the falling snow
In the red light of sunset

The garden of Proserpina's left behind
For dying hearts dreamless in cold
Trying to spell the mourning right
White clothes and a betrothal that's unique
Cleansed from the quarrels of the men
Angelic speech, angelic speech

What's now left inside
We're helpless under a silent rain of November
That tale's a twisted snowy ringlet, it is
And I always knew she would be my fate
The curtain of flames was easily passed through
Though I feared a lot
For my eyes, and even in Psyche's arms

They're all in a magic sleep
And still together a part time of the year
For every glittering realm
And they knew I would write someday
"The loss of strength didn't have my head"

And "welcome to a dramatic play,
Bleed in these arms until the chains are broken"
My dear, who turned the amplifier to full volume
And sang about grave silence)


("mit dürkelen triuwen hânt si alle ir sælekeit verlorn:"
"...who with threadbare penitence have forfeited paradise...")
-Wolfram von Eschenbach / Parzival

Writhen lines are beautiful,
The faithless in their hour
My blood to fill a twofold sigil
Numb instincts led the way
Here's the chair I'm used to sit on
Strangled in despise, I'll write
"I'd better crush the blackness,
Crawl towards the flow"
With the same last warming tongues

There came an ending to yesterday
And the Grail is uncovered
It's twilight, it's twilight

A request for the Saviour
I face the floor, through November's loneliness


(The Lost Choir:
"There's a pure heart
In the hall of the chalice,
Stronger magic in search;
The dreams and the remembrance
Of our dead knight")


("dez muoz ir sêle liden zorn."
" that their souls are doomed to suffer wrath.")
-Wolfram von Eschenbach / Parzival

And if you don't understand this,
You have probably lost your mind

Venetian blinds cut the sight
I don't have much to mimic
I can take all the losses
There's a holy wine

I grabbed his hand firmly
And then swayed mine

More honesty
The overflowing chagrin
Offered from a silver plate

The cajoler's view is sullen
The end is vested while I'm wearing his suit

There's no feeling anywhere else
The pieces cry
I put a paper in the sepulcher
It's like a painting

"Come closer me to my arms"
Is what I've written (in summer, 1995)

Älä sie ihmislapsi hättäile, kyllä se siitä
("Don't you worry, human child, it'll be alright")

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released October 30, 2000



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